Artistic Gymnastics

One of the most popular sports in the Olympic program, gymnastics is also one of the most demanding. Widely practiced around the world, gymnastics requires a unique combination of strength, flexibility, stamina, daring and artistry. GYMBO  prides itself in being one of the very few clubs in Lebanon to offer professional gymnastics through its state-of-the-art GYMBO School of Gymnastics - the first professional Gymnastics facility of its kind in Lebanon and one of only five similar professional halls in the Middle East region. Tapping into the best local and international instructors and programs available, our members are guaranteed a unique experience and successful results. Starting from the age of 3 years, this sport is open to boys and girls who are keen to have the perfect body figure, strength and stamina. GYMBO Schoolf of Gymnastics is keen to play a key role in promoting gymnastics on the local, regional and international levels, by embracing young gymnasts and enthusiasts and turning them into champions on all levels.
Rings, Parallel bars, Bar Fix, Uneven Bars, Pommel Horse, Floor Exercise, Beam and Vaulting table are just few examples of the activities on offer from GYMBO School of Gymnastics.

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