Gym Etiquette

  • No abusive or Provocative language allowed. Respect other members at all times
  • Members and their Guests may not display actions that Club Staff on duty deems unsportsmanlike or rude. Club Management and Staff on duty reserve the right to take the necessary action if a Member/Guest fails to comply with this 
  • A Gym is like a Library! Members and their Guests should refrain from talking loudly or indulging in noisy activities that may annoy or distract other members (e.g. shouting, dropping weights forcefully, etc.) 
  • For the Fitness area, Members are expected to return all equipment used during their workout to their original place. Free weights are not to be taken out of their designated area 
  • All Members and their Guests must carry a personal towel at all times. Members and their Guests are to place their towels on the seats of machines while exercising 
  • Place any used sweat towel in the designated container located near the Reception before leaving
  • No equipment shall be removed from the Fitness area
  • Carry your water bottle with you from machine to machine or one area to another. Water bottles can be mixed up if they look alike 
  • Limit your shower/bathroom time to no more than 10 minutes 
  • Theft cases will be reported to Club management and will result in immediate termination of the membership and dismissal from the Club
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