Rules & Regulations

At GYMBO, we are committed to providing our members with professional and personalized advice towards enjoying a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve this, we ensure to put at them members’ disposal experienced, passionate and friendly trainers and staff who are willing to go the extra mile to assist them in achieving their goals.

We have compiled a set of Rules and Regulations, in addition to GYMBO GYM Etiquette, which Members (and their Guests) and Staff alike should adhere to and comply with at all times:

  • Members and their Guests are expected to abide by these Rules as well as the Membership Rules. Any violation of the Rules may subject the Fitness Member to suspension or forfeiture of their Membership.
  • Members and their Guests are expected to conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner and are required to comply with the rules and regulations set by the Club Management. GYMBO Management and Staff on duty reserve the right to refuse a person entry into the Club, and/or if the person is already in the Club, to prohibit the person from further usage of the Club facilities by instructing the person to leave the Club immediately, if – in the opinion of the management and the Staff on duty, the person has violated any of the Club’s rules and regulations
  • Members are responsible to ensuring possession of valid membership cards at all times
  • Membership fees will not be reimbursed to members once paid - Members are reminded to ensure updates to their personal files with the Club (e.g. Tel, Mob, email, Address, etc.)
  • Club Management and Staff will ensure confidentiality of all Members’ personal records with the Club at all times
  • Members joining the Fitness Program are advised to complete the Fitness Assessment within the first week of membership. This is recommended by Club management.
  • All Members, and their Guests, using the Fitness area must be able to provide a medical report upon request by the Club Management to determine their fitness and eligibility to workout. Club Management and Staff on duty reserves the right to ask the Members and/or their Guests to leave the premises should they fail to provide the necessary documentation proving they are healthy enough to work out (to be revised in line with the medical question on the application form and the FAT test.)
  • Consideration of the rights and comfort of others must be observed at all times
  • Any complaints regarding the conduct of Facilities staff or of a Member or Guests should be reported directly to a Club Officer or the Club management immediately.
  • Members are continuously advised to provide their feedback on the Club and for that are requested to fill out the “Member Feedback Survey” located at the Reception

  • GYMBO Club operates from: 7am – 11pm on weekdays (Monday – Friday) 7am – 9pm on Saturday 4pm – 8pm Sunday Club members and their Guests are not allowed into the Club after 10pm, and those inside the club are advised to leave the premises by 10.45pm

  • All members must carry and present their ID Cards at all times, to enable them to enter the club and use club amenities. Members who lose their ID cards will have to pay to get a new one.

  • Club Members and their Guests must be appropriately dressed (e.g. Tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, leotards with running or cross-training shoes. Jeans, Jean shorts, bare feet, slippers, open-toed shoes, sandals, boots, etc. is not allowed. Any form of attire, which may cause possible infringement of safety to self or other users, or potential damage to the equipment, are prohibited. Club Management and Staff on duty reserve the right to decide on the suitability of the sporting attire worn by Members.

  • All Members and their Guests must observe the instructions and safety precautions pertaining to the use of the equipment within Club premises. If in doubt, Members and their Guests are required to consult with GYMBO Staff on duty and/or Club Management. Members and their Guests will be held responsible for any damages caused to the equipment by them Limit your time on gymnasium equipment (e.g. cardio machines) to 30 minutes during peak hours or busy periods

  • All Members, and their Guests, have access to the exercise areas within the Club’s premises. Members and their Guests are refrained from accessing restricted areas pertaining to GYMBO Management and Staff on duty.

  • Club Members and their Guests shall not bring any food into the club premises at any time. Only water is allowed to be brought in by Club Members and their Guests into the Club premises. Glass bottles are not allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted into the Club premises or grounds at any time.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the Club.

  • Members are allowed to carry their mobile phones with them whilst within the Club premises. However, all Members and their Guests are reminded to maintain low voices and conversations so as not to disturb and distract other Members. The Club is not responsible for the loss of any Members’ and their Guests’ mobile phones within the Club premises

  • Members and their Guests are entitled to the use of a locker, based on availability. Lockers are to be used on daily basis only and are not designated to particular Members on long term basis or rent. Lockers are also not for private use. All property pertaining to Members and their Guests must be removed from lockers immediately following use. Members are reminded to hand in their locker key at the Reception before leaving the Club. GYMBO Management is not responsible for the loss of the Members’/Guests’ personal property inside the lockers. Changing into exercise attire must be done strictly inside the locker/shower area

  • The Club is not an insurer of the property of the Members and/or their Guests. The Management of the Club will not be responsible for the damage or loss of any property belonging to Members and/or their Guests.

  • No smoking and eating in the workout areas
  • Only water and/or isotonic beverages are allowed into the workout area
  • No personal exercise equipment is allowed to be brought into the Club facilities by Members and their GuestsFor safety reasons,
  • all mobile phones, MP3 players, etc., should be made inaudible to other members and properly secured to the body of the owner when exercising Any abuse towards using the Club equipment will result in loss of Membership and Club privileges
  • Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct of any kind is forbidden and will not be tolerated. If an investigation into a complaint of sexual harassment concludes that a Member and/or Guest violated this policy, the “violator” will be subject to disciplinary action which will include immediate termination of the membership and expulsion from the Club
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