CONGRATULATIONS to Zeina Hassanein who became the 500th “Liker” on GYMBO’s fast-growing and popular Facebook page.

GYMBO Facebook page was created to promote the opening and launch of GYMBO Club back in July 2011. And in line with the rapid growth of the club itself, the Facebook page quickly gathered momentum and became popular amongst GYMBO fans and sports enthusiasts.

“GYMBO Facebook page has surpassed 500 ‘Likes’ and we are delighted to see that it is quickly becoming popular amongst GYMBO fans and sports savvy young individuals,” commented Ghassan Majed, General Manager of GYMBO. “We tried to give the page a special look-and-feel to reflect GYMBO’s unique identity, where visitors will be able to follow our news and have a peak at our latest offers, in addition to receiving a boost from our weekly motivational quote.

“On behalf of GYMBO, I would like to congratulate Zeina Hassanein, who became the winner of a FREE one-month Full membership at GYMBO, as a result of her clicking the 500th ‘Like’ on our Facebook page,” added Ghassan.

Zeina on her part expressed her excitement about winning and said: “This is great news as it came least expected to me. I never won anything in my life before which makes this all so special. It is not about the value of the gift itself, but moreso the gesture itself. I have recently joined GYMBO and am loving it here, as I already feel very much part of the family. Thank you GYMBO,” concluded Zeina.

GYMBO recently announced the launch of its website ( to compliment its fast-growing Facebook page and presence.

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