GYMBO Club would like to congratulate its Gymnastics stars who represented IC School of Lebanon in this year’s METS Schools Gymnastics competition that took place 18th and 19th of May in Jordan.

IC School was recognized and walked away with medals and so did its students. The GYMBO Team members who were part of this competition were:

-       Youssef El-Sayed
-       Rachel El-Sayed
-       Raya Fakhreddine
-       Judy Issa
-       Maya Jaroudi
-       Elizabeth Hess
-       Lana Beydoun
-       Reina Kammoun
-       Yasmine Sharara

Ghassan Majed, General Manager of GYMBO, commented: “We are delighted for IC School of Lebanon and its young Gymnasts and would like to congratulate them on this great achievement. This is yet another milestone for GYMBO, given the extensive training that these kids received from renowned international trainers, during the event that GYMBO organized back in April. GYMBO “School of Gymnastics” will continue to harness these young kids to ensure they receive the right training to be able to shine at future events.

“We will be doing an announcement very soon concerning a follow up to our event in April regarding GYMBO’s “School of Gymnastics, so stay tuned,” added Ghassan.

 The 2012 METS gymnastics competition in Jordan included some of Jordan fines schools, such as MIS and ABS, and was mainly in Artistic gymnastics, including floor, Beam and Vaulting table.

Congratulations to our young Gymnasts and to our coach Charbel Khouweiry who was coaching them during this competition.
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