As part of its commitment and vision to spread awareness on a healthy and fit lifestyle, especially among mothers, GYMBO organized a “Mother’s Day Special” to mark this year’s occasion of Mother’s Day, entitled: “Healthy & Fit Moms”. As part of this initiative, two events were held at GYMBO Club and GYMBO School of Gymnastics, which aimed at encouraging mothers to become healthy and fit.    
During the event that took place last Thursday 19 March at GYMBO Club, members were asked to bring along their mothers or sisters and acquaintances who happen to be mothers, to join them in training, as special guests - compliments of GYMBO! In addition, Non-member “Mothers” who signed up on that day received a very special offer on a 3-month membership. At the end of the day, GYMBO presented red roses to all the moms who were present.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
The event at GYMBO School of Gymnastics was held on Saturday 21stMarch, during which mothers joined their kids in showcasing their gymnastics skills! They took to the exercise floor and trampoline and enjoyed a fun session with their loved ones, under the supervision of GYMBO trainers and coaches. At the end of the session, the kids presented their mothers with red roses in expression of their love and gratitude, and GYMBO presented special vouchers to the moms, which granted them one-week complimentary access to GYMBO Club.            
Commenting on this special occasion, Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager, commented: “At GYMBO, it is all about good health and fitness for the entire family. Mother’s Day was the perfect occasion to recognize our members who are mothers and call upon mothers of our “single” members, to guide them towards leading a healthy lifestyle by becoming “Healthy & Fit Moms”. Special events were held at GYMBO Club and GYMBO School of Gymnastics to commemorate the occasion, supervised by our trainers and coaches. The moms had lots of fun and quality time with their children.”  
“We hope this occasion will be a springboard for some mothers to kick start their journey towards a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer. GYMBO will take every opportunity and occasion to ensure we continue to spread this message in our community,” concluded Ghassan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
GYMBO Team and Family would like to wish all mothers a very happy mother’s day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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