17 April 2011 – GYMBO Club and GYMBO School of Gymnastics organized the first professional Gymnastics training workshop to be held by a private club in Lebanon from 5th to 16th April 2012.

During these 10 days, GYMBO young Gymnasts – known as “GYMBO Team” and “Dream Team” – underwent intensive theoretical and practical training led by a professional expert who was brought in from Ukraine to deliver the workshop. There was also a special session for the GYMBO Gymnastics trainers and instructors that involved the latest trends in tutoring young kids and turning them into future champions.

The event was concluded with a special graduation ceremony that was held today under the patronage and presence of Mr. Ahmed Makki, President of the Lebanese Gymnastics Federation, Mr. and Mrs. Abed, owners and members of the board of GYMBO Club and parents of the GYMBO young talents. Special medals and certificates were handed out to the participants, in recognition of their completion of the training.

Mr. Ahmed Makki thanked GYMBO Club for the unique initiative, which comes to demonstrate the commitment of the Club’s management to promote and support this sport on the local and regional levels. He commented: “I am very pleased to be here at this special occasion to recognize some of Lebanon’s best talents in the sport of Gymnastics. Lebanon has a lot to offer when it comes to Gymnastics and I am glad that a club like GYMBO is leading the way in promoting our talents on the local, regional and hopefully international scene in the future.”

Ghassan Majed, General Manager of GYMBO, also commented on the event. “Gymnastics is a core activity within GYMBO and we are committed on supporting this sport. It is also part of GYMBO’s vision to spread sports awareness amongst the public, especially our young population. For this, we are delighted to announce the formation of the GYMBO School of Gymnastics, which is set up especially to nurture our young talents in gymnastics and hopefully turn them into future champions. We have partnered with international trainers and figureheads to conduct such workshops for our talents and instructors and also adopted the Skills Levels Progression scheme, which tis an international system that tracks and measures the development of our gymnasts over time.

“At this workshop, we have brought in Mrs. Liliya Kovalenko and her daughter Tayisiya Kovalenko from Ukraine. Liliya is a renowned instructor and ex-champion in Gymnastics and she was pivotal in guiding our talents and instructors to the international standards of training. We are committed to providing our talents with the right experience and exposing them to international levels of training, and this is just the first of many more similar initiatives to happen in the future,” added Ghassan.

“Finally, I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Abed, the owners of GYMBO Club, who contributed heavily into making this initiative a reality. I would also like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Ahmed Makki for attending our event and providing the necessary support. And last but not least, I would like to thank GYMBO management team and the parents of our talents who without them, none of this would have happened,” concluded Mr. Majed.

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