As part of its corporate social responsibility agenda and its commitment to play a key role in the Lebanese community, GYMBO Club participated in “Achrafieh 2020”, an environmentally driven initiative by MP Nadim Gemayel to reinvent Achrafieh into a Livable, breathable, welcoming and friendly neighborhood.

This major initiative was launched on Sunday 2nd September through “Discover Achrafieh” - a Car-free day that aimed to raise awareness within the Achrafieh community on the need to find alternatives to extensive car usage, such as using a bike, or commuting on foot. This in turn enables people to appreciate more the beauty of the neighborhood and recognize some of its unique landmarks.

This event, which took place between 10am and 5pm, witnessed various sports, cultural and entertainment activities and was witnessed by senior dignitaries and government officials including MPs Nadim Gemayel, Nicolas Sehnnaoui, Michel Faraoun, Serge Torsarkissian and others. It was also announced that this day would become an annual event, leading to the long-term vision of “Achrafien 2020”.

The audience was engrossed in the festivities on the day and eyes became wide open as soon as the GYMBO Dunkers Team took center stage, to put on yet another of their breathtaking shows. Spectators’ roars and applause got louder and louder in appreciation as the GYMBO Dunkers were flying acrobatically in the air one after the other. Adding to the excitement, GYMBO Dancers came up next and performed a stunning Break Dance and Hip-Hop show, to bring all-smiles to spectators’ faces and increase their tempo of applauding in appreciation to what they were seeing.

Ghassan Majed, General Manager of GYMBO, commented: “We are delighted and honored to be part of today’s “Discover Achrafieh” event and the overall “Achrafieh 2020” project. Such initiatives go hand in hand with our vision and are key to our overall CSR strategy that we believe in and are fully committed to.

“It is an unusual yet very beautiful scene in Achrafieh today, where there are pedestrians and bicycles around, and no cars whatsoever! I would like to congratulate the mayor of Beirut and its PMs and residents of Achrafieh area and everyone involved in this initiative and I hope it is a stepping-stone to similar projects and activities in other areas in Beirut and its suburbs. Achrafieh has clearly set a very good example for others to follow and I would like to wish the “Achrafieh 2020” team, whom we will surely be working closely with in the future, all success and prosperity moving forward, ” added Mr. Majed.

ACHRAFIEH 2020 is a Lebanon-first, however, it resembles a number of successful initiatives in cities around the world, such as Seville, Rio, Milano and other North European cities.

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