“GYMBO Dunkers” put on yet another magnificent performance, this time at TAJ Mall in Jordan, as part of the mall's Summer Festival 2012.

Stunning 40-minute shows took place from 12th to 14th of July infront of hundreds of mall shoppers and audience. Basketball dunking and spin ball were the main show attractions, and spectators had the opportunity to show off their dunking capabilities as well!

Ghassan Majed, General Manager of GYMBO and head coach of GYMBO Dunkers, commented: “It was another successful and great event for us and it is always special for us when we are in Jordan.

“It was our first time in Taj Mall. The audience and spectators were amazing and I am glad we were able to put a smile on everyone’s face at the end of it all,“ added Ghassan.

GYMBO Dunkers team and stars at the event were: Ayman Tamim, Mohamad Ghadieh, Mohamad Chami and Ali Mahdi.

GYMBO Dunkers include some of the most talented gymnasts and dunkers in Lebanon and the region and the team has been putting on performances in and outside Lebanon over the past years.

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