As a thank you token and appreciation to its old existing members for their ongoing support, GYMBO Club organized an outing last Sunday 8th July to unexplored areas in the village of Mukhtara – Chouf area in Mont Lebanon.  “

GYMBO Goes Outdoors”, brought together GYMBO members, management and staff in a very informal and fun atmosphere.
The day-out witnessed activities including trekking, hiking, swimming, nature exploration and for the first time ever, outdoor exercise classes in the arms of nature! Members also had the opportunity to see some unique archeological structures that are more than 500 years old. 

Ghassan Majed, General Manager of GYMBO, commented: “GYMBO Goes Outdoors is a small token from us at GYMBO to recognize our valued, long-standing members who have shown their support and commitment over the past year. It was also a great opportunity for members and staff to socialize and get to know each other outside the club. I would like to thank GYMBO staff who worked hard to ensure we have a great and memorable day out  “AT GYMBO, we all share a vision of a society leading a healthy lifestyle and we all have a mission to accomplish and that is to spread awareness on the importance of exercise and eating well, to achieve that vision. GYMBO Goes Outdoors is a first-of-many activities that communicates our strategy and vision moving forward.”  There were tired and sore legs at the end of the journey, but it was surely worthwhile.

Mr. Daniel Batakji, who has been a member with GYMBO since its inception, commented: “It was a remarkable day. I feel very fresh and it is different from my usual Sundays where I surrender to sleep! Thank you GYMBO.”

Another long-standing member, Ms. Maria Saleh, also reflected on the event and the day. “The day was worthwhile for sure. Beautiful place. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful people. What more can one ask for! Thank you GYMBO management and staff for a job well done and unforgettable event.”

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