Alissa Sadek, The Lebanese Gymnastics sensation, is representing Lebanon at the international Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament KFK Gracia Cup 2013, which is held on 24-25 August 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.
This tournament is organized by the International Federation of Gymnastics, known as Fedration Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) and includes the world’s junior and senior ‘elite’ in Rhythmic Gymnastics, aged 13-16 years. Participants are mainly from Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, and Sweden - with Alissa being the only representative from Lebanon or the Middle East for that matter. They will showcase their skills in the different categories of Rhythmic Gymnastics, using the Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon. 
“We are delighted and proud to see our young gymnastics talent Alissa represent Lebanon in international competitions such as this,” commented Ghassan Majed, General Manager GYMBO. “Alissa already proved herself worthy of international recognition at several international events so far, and she has a very bright future ahead. 
“Actually Alissa’s rise to stardom initiated our idea of launching a GYMBO ‘School of Gymnastics’ where we are nurturing a lot of young Lebanese talents to follow in the footsteps of Alissa. We are providing high-level training under the supervision of local and international coaches, in close liaison and partnership with the Lebanese Gymnastics Federation. Alissa trains at GYMBO whenever she happens to be in Lebanon and she is magnificent to watch and certainly an inspiration to her colleagues at our club. 
“I am sure we are yet to see the best of Alissa as she develops her personal and professional skills to become a world-class international gymnast,” added Ghassan. 
On her part, Alissa Sadek expressed her delight and said: “I am very happy to be part of this prestigious event and to represent my country Lebanon. I would like to thank my family for giving me all the necessary support to progress further in the sport I love most and that is gymnastics. I also want to thank my personal coach Elena for the training and ongoing guidance to be where I am today. And finally I want to say a big thank you for my trainers and colleagues at GYMBO for always being there for me. I hope to make you all proud.” 
Before departing to Budapest with her personal trainer Elena Borisova, Alissa spent long hours practicing at a training camp in Belarus.
Alissa caught the attention of local and regional media after representing Lebanon in a number of international gymnastics competitions and coming back with medals and trophies. Most recently, Alissa took 2nd place and won a silver medal at the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, which was held in Montenegro in June 2013.
 GYMBO Club would like to wish Alissa the best of luck in this tournament. GO ALISSA! … 
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