In appreciation for its continuous efforts to spread wellness and healthy living amongst the youth and the ‘new generation’ in Lebanon, GYMBO School of Gymnastics were recently presented with an honorary award by the Mayor of Beirut, on the occasion of World Health Day 2014. 
Mr. Saib Kalash, Mayor of Beirut, presented the award to Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager at a meeting in the mayor’s office, where both parties discussed the challenges facing the youth in Lebanon and ways to raise awareness and shed light on physical fitness and education, and its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Mr. Kalash commended on the great work that GYMBO is undertaking to spread the ‘wellness’ message, and said: “It gives me pleasure to present this honorary certificate to GYMBO and GYMBO School of Gymnastics on the occasion of World Health Day 2014, as a token of appreciation towards the outstanding work and achievements accomplished, in raising awareness on healthy living and wellness amongst Lebanon’s population, especially the young generation who are the future of this nation. I have been following GYMBO’s activities closely since its inception, and I am very impressed with the level of professionalism carried out by the curators of this institution – facilities, equipment, service, trainers and staff alike.”   
“On behalf of ‘Rabtat Abnaa Beyrouth’ (Sons of Beirut Association) and myself, I would like to congratulate the management, trainers and staff at GYMBO Club and GYMBO School of Gymnastics on this well-deserved award, and for their relentless efforts in promoting and raising awareness on fitness and well-being through dedicated programs and providing professional training which reflects positively on our society,” added Mr. Kalash.                                                                                                            
On his part, Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager, thanked the mayor on this special gesture and commented: “We are privileged and honored to receive this very special certificate from Mayor Kalash, who has always been an advocate of sports and physical education and is known for his earnest stance when it comes to promoting wellness amongst the community. Since its outset in 2011, GYMBO had a clear mission - and that is to promote wellness and healthy living amongst the Lebanese community. We have come a long way since then! In July this year, we launched GYMBO School of Gymnastics to cater to the overwhelming demand on the sport, which in turn reflects an increased awareness by parents on the importance of wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their kids.”                                                                  
“Once again and on behalf of GYMBO family, I would like to thank Mayor Kalash for putting his trust in our institution, and we look forward to working closely on promoting programs and activities which we believe reflect positively on our society,” added Ghassan.                                                                                                                                
Congratulations GYMBO! 

About GYMBOGYMBO Club is a family-oriented club that aims to provide wellness and healthy lifestyle to the entire family, through tailored activities and sports, mainly focusing on Fitness and Gymnastics. GYMBO is located on Corniche El Mazraa after Mazen Pharmacy and by the Cola bridge exit. 

About GYMBO School of GymnasticsGYMBO launched GYMBO School of Gymnastics in May 2014, and it is the only facility of its kind in Lebanon, and one of only five (5) similar professional halls in the entire Middle East region! It is 750 square meters in area, with a gymnastics hall big enough to accommodate all the main Gymnastics specialized equipment - a 12.50m x 12.50m floor exercise area, Vaulting Table, Beam, Asymmetric Bar, Rings, Bar Fix, Bar Parallel, Pommel Horse, large Trampoline and foam pits. It offers a much better environment and accommodates a bigger number of members. There is also a balcony, which serves as a waiting area for parents and guardians, where they can relax and enjoy watching their kids train. The famous BO Café is also present at the new facility and serves hot and cold sandwiches and beverages to the members. GYMBO School of Gymnastics is located in Bir Hasan next to BHV, Khoury Home and Byblos Bank.
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