GYMBO Karate kids Riyad El-Zouheiry and Mustapha Abdallah walked away with Silver and Bronze medals (respectively) during the Lebanese Young Karate Championship, which was organized by the Lebanese Karate Federation and held in Mont La Salle in November 2013.  
Riyad and Mustapha won 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the ‘Junior’ category amongst many contestants who came from different parts of the country. This followed another ceremonial event that was held at GYMBO in September, where Karate Instructor, Coach Abdallah, presented both talents with the yellow belt along with other GYMBO Karate talents.                                                                       
Ghassan Majed, General Manager GYMBO, was delighted with the news and commented: “GYMBO Karate kids continue to shine and snatch medals and this time at the Lebanese Young Karate Championship, which is a recognized event organized by the Lebanese Karate Federation. We were delighted with the news and we are confident that under the supervision of our professional instructor, Coach Abdallah, our kids will surely develop into professional talents when they grow up if they continue to nurture this sport that they love most.  GYMBO will continue to support both our coach and talents to ensure that we produce local champions who make themselves and us proud at local, regional and international events,” added Ghassan.                                                                  
A small ceremony was held at GYMBO to commemorate our champions where Coach Abdallah presented the medals and certificates to both Riyad and Mustapha, in the presence of their colleagues and family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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