As part of its commitment to spread wellness and healthy lifestyle especially amongst the youth, and as part of its vision to become the leading sports club in Lebanon, GYMBO announced the official launch of GYMBO School of Gymnastics, the first professional Gymnastics facility of its kind in Lebanon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
The new facility is 750 square meters in area, with a gymnastics hall big enough to accommodate all the main Gymnastics specialized equipment - a 12.50m x 12.50m floor exercise area, Vaulting Table, Beam, Asymmetric Bar, Rings, Bar Fix, Bar Parallel, Pommel Horse, large Trampoline and foam pits. It offers a much better environment and accommodates a bigger number of members. There is also a balcony, which serves as a waiting area for parents and guardians, where they can relax and enjoy watching their kids train. The famous BO Café is also present at the new facility and serves hot and cold sandwiches and beverages to the members.  
Commenting on the launch of GYMBO School of Gymnastics, Mrs. Salam Abed, GYMBO CEO, said: “I am delighted to see GYMBO School of Gymnastics come to life. Gymnastics has always been a main pillar of GYMBO Club, ever since our inception in July 2011. We were committed to deliver the very best this sport can offer, in terms of equipment and trainers. We had a slight issue and that was space! However, since then, our dedicated team has been on the hunt for a new location, where we can continue to provide our niche services but in a bigger space and better environment. It also allows us to accommodate more kids, as we were facing challenges with the influx of Gymnastics members in GYMBO. So, we made a promise to our members and their guardians ever since.                      
“GYMBO promised and today GYMBO delivers! GYMBO School of Gymnastics with its state-of-the-art hall, equipment and trainers is the only facility of its kind in Lebanon, and one of only five (5) similar professional halls in the entire Middle East region! It was a dream come true for GYMBO management and family,” added Mrs. Abed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
“I would like to thank our management team, led by Mr. Ghassan Majed, our General Manager who worked very hard with his team against a very tight deadline, to ensure the smooth transition of Gymnastics from our main branch to the new facility. With the launch of GYMBO School of Gymnastics, GYMBO aims to set the standards in Gymnastics training and everything related to this sport in Lebanon,” concluded Mrs. Abed.                                                                                       
Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager, also expressed his delight on the launch of the new GYMBO Gymnastics facility and commented: “It took months of hard work and sleepless nights by our GYMBO dedicated team, but today it is heart warming to see our little dream become a reality. Our main objective from the start was to introduce the youth in Lebanon to the sport of Gymnastics, in the most entertaining as well as professional way. We brought in the best equipment and trainers, but our issue was space!   Ghassan added: “Our new hall provides us with the space we need to turn Gymnastics at GYMBO into a top-class professional gymnastics facility and hall, built to international standards. We brought in additional equipment and more trainers, and we are able to take in over 600 members, which is exactly double the number we had at GYMBO. Hence, we now have GYMBO School of Gymnastics.”                                                         
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank GYMBO CEO, Mrs. Salam Abed, for her continuous support and follow up, every step of the way. A huge thank you to GYMBO team - management and staff who worked very hard over the past months to ensure a smooth transition from GYMBO to the new facility,” concluded Ghassan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Three days after the move and already the feedback is tremendous! The kids with eyes wide open are wow'ed as they enter the hall, and the parents are overjoyed by the space and the look and feel of the new venue. “Now this is more like it,” says one of the mothers as she entered the new hall. “My kids just do not want to leave the hall!” says another mother. “Congratulations GYMBO! We are very happy to see our pleas answered. Happy times ahead for sure,” comments a third mother.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
GYMBO School of Gymnastics is located in Bir Hasan next to BHV, Khoury Home and Byblos Bank.                                                                                                 
Effective 12 May 2014, Gymnastics at GYMBO in Corniche El Mazraa is no longer in existence, and all gymnastics-related activities have moved to the new location.



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