On Monday 4th February 2013, GYMBO Club announced the launch of its all-new fitness classes 2013, in an unforgettable event that took place at the club’s premises.

Existing and new members gathered at the club to celebrate the occasion, in the attendance of GYMBO senior management and staff and fitness trainers. And there was a special guest appearance by Wael Jaber, a well-known fitness guru and Instructor.

Event kicked off at 6PM with a show by the GYMBO Break Dance Team, which left the attendees dazzled by the exceptional skills of the young boys. Then the attendees got a taste of the new classes led by Wael Jaber, Rana Hasan, Marwan Ghosoub and Mira Mazloum and there was an entertainment break with Rimah and belly dancing.

Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager, commented: “At GYMBO, it is all about ongoing development and building on the success achieved to date. As part of that, we are delighted to announce the launch of all-new GYMBO fitness classes 2013, and would like to thank our members and guests who joined us at the launch event. I would also like to thank Wael Jaber for taking time off his busy schedule to be with us and personally give some of these classes.

“We look forward to an exciting 2013 and further successes for GYMBO starting with our all-new fitness classes,” concluded Ghassan.

The new fitness classes include Zumba, Mini Trampoline, Power Step, Body Sculpt, Power Mix, Tae Bo and Cycling. Schedule and full details of the all-new classes can be found on GYMBO’s website

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