To mark the launch of New Releases for U-Bound, Fight-Do and Mega Danz classes, GYMBO organized a special event on Monday 8th October, at the club’s premises.   
Over 30 GYMBO members and guests took part in the event, which was conducted by well-known Fitness guru and Radical Fitness representative in Lebanon Wael Jaber and members of his Radical team - Salwa and Elynne, and GYMBO Instructors Rana Hasan and Bandar Ezzeddine. Event was also attended by GYMBO management team.                                                         
Event kicked-off at 7PM and went on for over two hours, with very short breaks in between! Participants enjoyed the new music and moves introduced and were jumping in excitement throughout the sessions until they surrendered to tiredness at the end of it all.  
Rana Hasan, GYMBO Classes Coordinator and Instructor, commented: “Every three months, we tend to introduce new music and new moves to fitness classes and this is known as New Release. This time round the new release involves U-Bound, Fight-Do and Mega Danz classes.
“We do this for two main reasons: Firstly, this helps in keeping class participants excited and enthusiastic about what they are doing, so they do not get bored especially with the music. And secondly, we alternate and change the moves every three months to ensure that the body does not get used to the same routine of moves, which also means members get the best out of it and are able to reach the targets they have set for themselves when they first joined,” added Rana.  
Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager, commented: “It is yet another successful New Release launch event for us at GYMBO, and happy to see so many people attending the event.   “These tend to be very intensive sessions and we always ensure our members are briefed properly of what to expect and are physically and mentally ready for it. We have been working closely with Wael Jaber and his team on this, and would like to thank them for the efforts they have put in to make it a successful event.  
"This has become a regular event at GYMBO and we look forward to the next event which will be held at the start of the New Year 2014,” added Ghassan.
The new Classes schedule and details can be found on GYMBO’s website                                                                  
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