Soon after opening GYMBO School of Gymnastics to the public last month, and to ensure we continue to provide world-class standards, GYMBO welcomes gymnastics international professional trainers Ekaterina Chistaya, Elena Tkachenko and Sergey Zolin.    
Starting 7th June and over a period of two weeks, the three coaches will work closely with GYMBO School of Gymnastics trainers to develop their overall coaching skills and sharpen their abilities on the Gymnastics apparatus - with focus on the Asymmetric Bars, High Bar and the large Trampoline.    
Ghassan Majed, GYMBO General Manager, commented: “Providing training on international standards is a key prerequisite for setting up a proper School of Gymnastics. With the birth of GYMBO School of Gymnastics, our management made a commitment to ensure we provide the highest standards in terms of our services and offering. This includes the facility itself, the equipment, the training and the overall atmosphere. We have built the hall and facility to international standard and equipped it with Gymnova apparatus, which is a leading international manufacturer of gymnastics equipment, and incorporated BO Café to offer a relaxing atmosphere. It is time to look at developing the skills of our trainers.”           
Ghassan added: “Ekaterina, Elena and Sergey are professional gymnastics trainers of the highest level and caliber and it is a privilege to host them here in Lebanon. We look forward to making their stay worthwhile. This is a first of a series of visits and sessions we plan to hold in the future, as we strongly believe it adds great value not only to our trainers, but also our GYMBO talents in their quest to becoming champions.”       
Elena Tkachenko comes from Russia and has been a professional gymnast since 1990. She won several medals and worked as a head coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Ekaterina Chistaya is from Belarus and has a university degree in Acrobatic sports and has also worked as a professional trainer in Acrobatics and physical fitness. Sergey Zolin is from Belarus and has been a gymnast since 1969. He has a master’s degree in sports and has been working as a professional coach since 1982. Sergey was appointed Director of Youth Gymnastics between 1987 and 1989 and in 1999, he became the Director of Schools’ sports in Artistic Gymnastics.           

GYMBO School of Gymnastics is located in Bir Hasan next to BHV, Khoury Home and Byblos Bank.  
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