As part of its commitment to ensure safety of its staff and members, Gymbo Club - a leading Health and Fitness Club in Lebanon, organized a general First Aid Training session to its staff, at its premises in Corniche El Mazraa. 

The Training was performed by members and volunteers from the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) - as part of its slogan entitled: “Every Citizen is a First Aid”. The campaign is designed to spread awareness and knowledge amongst the public on how to deal with emergency and serious incidents when they occur. 

The Gymbo staff was updated on how to react to serious situations involving injury and including broken hands and shoulders, burns, loss of breath and fainting, asthma, blood pressure and giving artificial respiration. 

Ghassan Majed, Gymbo Club General Manager, commented: “we are delighted to host this important training session for our staff. As a responsible club, we are committed to the well-being and safety of our staff and members alike. This was a general training which introduced our staff to some of the serious incidents that might take place and how to react to such situations. We are already in discussions with LRC on expanding this to include other specialized training sessions, and how to involve our members in these programs.

GYMBO Club would like to extend a special Thank You to the Lebanese Red Cross organization and wish them luck in their pursuit of raising knowledge of First Aid amongst the general public, working through leading clubs and other institutions throughout Lebanon. 

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