Special Valentine's 2015 @ GYMBO Club

GYMBO celebrated Valentine’s Day earlier than everyone else, when the club turned all red on Thursday 12th February! 
Love was in the air, and so were red hearts and red balloons! 

Special activities were organized as part of the occasion, with “GYMBO Valentine’s Fitness Challenge” taking center stage and turning out to be the highlight of the evening. This challenge, which was for couples only, was meant to test their physical abilities, strengths and endurance. Idea was unique and linked to Valentine’s Day in that couples had to perform a series of back-to-back exercises in reps and sets that makes up the Valentine’s Day date, i.e. 14.02.15. So 15 exercises, in 14 reps and 2 sets!! The task was overwhelming and exhausting to the participants to say the least! However, they were not willing to give up easily and showed a huge fighting spirit. The winning couple was the one who was able to finish the exercises in the shortest time.

GYMBO Trainers Rana, Samer and Wissam supervised the challenge and ensured participants pushed themselves to the limit amongst cheering from the watching crowd.

GYMBO Fitness classes’ members also expressed their ‘love’ towards the sport on the day and joined Coach Rana Hassan in performing special Valentine’s workouts. 

Congratulations to the winning couple Zeinab Khanafer and Mohammad Awad. 
In second place were Ali Mahdi and Hala Turk whilst Sara Arnakout and Abdel Kader Majzoub came in third. 
A tombola draw took place and congratulations goes to Hala Turk. 

GYMBO Team and Family would like to wish you all Happy Valentine’s 2015.                           
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