Fitness Trainers


Ihab Haidar

Ihab joined GYMBO early 2013 and quickly became popular amongst members due to his friendly attitude and personality. Focusing on his ambition to become a fitness trainer, Ihab studied hard and obtained his personal training certificate from Sport Performance Institute (SPI) in May 2003. His eagerness to be up-to-date with the latest trends in fitness and bodybuilding makes Ihab a unique breed.                                                
He continuously carries out research and digs into fitness and modern bodybuilding encyclopedias and resources, which allows him to present his clients with new ideas and programs, when it comes to fitness, proper nutrition and healthy living. Ihab has constructed successful nutrition and exercise programs fitness to over 50 clients and continues to be an asset to GYMBO members and colleagues. When free, Ihab enjoys reading about bodybuilding and fitness as well as enjoying outdoor activities.

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