Fitness Trainers


Samer Mansour

One of the recent additions to the Fitness team at GYMBO, Samer Mansour joined GYMBO in 2012. Samer graduated from MIRA Educational Center as a Graphic Designer in 1994. However, Samer was passionate about the sport of running since he was a kid and his love and passion towards sports has always geared Samer in the direction of fitness. Samer has over 20 years of experience under his belt mainly in running, track and field and body building. During that period, he participated in 10 professional marathons and 5 triathlons, and grabbed several trophies and certificates along the way. He was a running coach at Nike Elite running team and has 8 certificates from Marathon Beirut, where he took part in every single one of them! He is also a long distance sprinter and took part in various triathlons. In 2005, and after completing the necessary training and international certification, Samer started coaching and training in Fitness, running and triathlons. Before joining GYMBO, Samer was the head coach for Body Building and track and field at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Samer's hobbies are all sports-related as he loves swimming and running. 

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